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Snorkeling Tourism Is Already on the Island of Batam,

February 15th, 2021

Snorkeling Tourism is already on the island of Batam, this maritime tour becomes a new favorite place for travelers in the Riau Islands, especially the city of Batam, because access to the snorkeling spot is also very easy to reach from the city center of Batam

Abang island of Batam is an island located at the edge of Batam City with its natural beauty and sea Being a unique attraction for Domestic and Abroad Tourists when Visiting Batam City, With the Biodiversity in the sea and the beauty of Coral reef is very dear if in miss when visiting the island of Batam, Moreover the beauty of the island that is often in equilibrium with the beauty of the Bunaken Sea which is much earlier in the knowing World tourists because of its beauty that no tara.

Many People Visit Batam Always think that Batam is only an electronic shopping tour, maybe it was a long time ago because according to the development of the era and the increasingly advanced city of Batam in the field of tourism, now Batam also has a snorkeling and diving titled marine tourism.

Many activities you can do on this beautiful island, in addition to Snorkeling as the main activity and most in waiting wait, you can also Fishing and Playing at the beach that is very indulgent eyes with Clean White Sand.

An island that is not too crowded, this population keeps underwater beauty that can be aligned with Bunaken Island in Manado, and some foreign tourists who have tasted the beauty of this island feel amazed especially at the coral reefs that are still natural on the island of Abang Batam

In addition to Easy Access to these Snorkeling Spots, Abang Batam Island Snorkeling Tours are also very cheap considering the beauty of the tours offered by this island,

Tourists and local Travelers only set a price of around Rp.290,000an for a 1-day tour package, quite reasonable in my opinion because this tour is also still new and not too familiar in the Beach Tourism Appeal in Batam which is mushrooming around the Barelang Batam Bridge.

A little information from me, last month Batam City Government also began promoting this Snorkeling Tour to Tour and Travel from 10 neighboring countries to increase foreign tourist visits to this beautiful island.